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Wrongful Death

If your loved one died as a result an incident on a roadway, job site, or construction site, you may be legally entitled to bring a suit for wrongful death. If your loved one died due to another party's negligence and you are a wrongful death beneficiary, you may be entitled to significant compensation. If you have a question about whether you are legally entitled to bring such a suit, call today to speak with Robert Kennedy or Chris Norton about your rights in this tragic situation.

Car Wreck Cases

Do you know someone who has been in a car wreck, motorcycle wreck, or pedestrian-car collision caused by others? We represent those who have been hurt due tonegligent drivers, defective roadways and defective vehicles. Call today for a free consultation with Robert Kennedy or Chris Norton and learn about your rights.

DWI- Gross Negligence

People who have been hurt in Alcohol/drug related collisionsare entitled to punitive damages against the other party if the other party caused the collision and was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Crash victims are also entitled to punitive damage compensation if the bars who served the drivers are shown to have been grossly negligent in overserving the drivers. Call and speak directly to Robert Kennedy or Chris Norton today to see if you are entitled to punitive damage compensation because of a DWI collision.

18 Wheeler Negligence

If you or someone you know have recently been hurt in anaccident resulting from negligent truck driversnegligent companies in the hiring of drivers and/ or negligent truck maintenance, call today and speak to Robert Kennedy or Chris Norton about your potential case and your rights.

Construction Accidents

Have you or someone you know recently been hurt on the job?Our firm represents those who have been hurt because ofnegligent worksite owners and negligent contractor work practices. If you have questions about a construction injury, call today for a free consultation and speak directly to Robert Kennedy or Chris Norton.


Electrical burn injuries are some of the most painful and disfiguring injuries there are. They leave unimaginable physical and emotional scarring. If you or a loved one has recently been injured in an electrical burn incident, call today for a free consultation. Mr. Kennedy and Chris Norton are waiting to speak directly to you.

Defective Products

Have you or someone you know been hurt because of a defective product? Our firm handles cases in which people and/ or their property have been damaged due to the negligence of automobile manufacturers, manufacturers of power tools, tires, car seats, airbags, gas tanks, roofs and seatbelts. Call today for a free consultation with Robert Kennedy or Chris Norton.

Business Disputes and Litigation

If you or your business have been damaged or perhaps even sued in a business context, we can aggressively pursue those responsible for your damage and we can vigorously defend you from lawsuits filed against your business. Within any context we help you in, we will advise you of your legal rights and counsel you as to the potential options available to deal with the matter. With that counseling, you will decide what is best for your personal goals and we will do our best to execute on your business decisions.

Other Cases

Our firm also handles plane crashes, train wrecks and boating accidents. These cases are typically catastrophic in nature requiring a careful damage evaluation and significant financial compensation. If you have endured any of these or other accidents/incidents caused by the negligent conduct of others, call today and speak directly to Robert Kennedy or Chris Norton. 

Types of Injuries


In Texas, when a loved one dies at the hands of another's negligent conduct, certain members of the surviving family have a legal right to bring a wrongful death lawsuit for economic compensation. The compensation received will be based on specific elements of damage suffered by the family members.

Burn Injuries

Injuries caused by fires and electricity are typically the most painful and disfiguring injuries we see. Such injuries require surgical tissue removal, painful wound cleansing, skin graft surgeries, months if not years of therapy, and follow up scar release surgeries that can go on for a lifetime. We fight for your rights to obtain a full measure of emotional distress, and pain and suffering for your life changing burn injuries.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be emotionally and economically devastating to families because of the impact they have on the injured person's ability to earn a living and communicate with loved ones. We fight for your rights to obtain a full measure of compensation for the loss of companionship and society due to your loved one's brain injury. Call today to speak to Robert Kennedy about the extent of your rights due to the brain injury of your loved one.

Spine Injuries

As with brain injuries, severe spine injuries can be economically devastating due to the disabling effects they have on a person's ability to earn income. They are often very painful due to damaged nerves in the spine, and they are generally emotionally distressing because of the impairment to the functional capacity of the body

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